New Normal PPE

About Us

New Normal PPE aims to serve regional businesses and municipalities facing a “new normal” where employees and workers must feel protected and cared for in a very visible way. 

As a WBE small business headquartered in Philadelphia, New Normal PPE is proud to make products that help other small businesses – including the local manufacturing facilities we work with that have diversified their business to produce PPE as the garment industry recovers from economic hardships.


Protect, Connect and Affect


As former organizers of CoverAid PHL (, a not-for-profit entity that supplied ~70,000 masks to medical workers during the height of the pandemic, Kendra Brill and Kristen Sherman now look to bring the depth of that experience across garment manufacturing, retail, and healthcare to support our community and the businesses that drive local economies.

Our professional mission is also a personal one.  Kendra and Kristen have spent their careers in corporate settings helping clients succeed in a variety of businesses.  Kendra works full-time in angel capital for a family office with other entrepreneurs.  Kristen had spent the past 20 years working as a healthcare management consultant partnering with organizations to solve a variety of strategic and operational problems.

So we know what it is like to go to the office every day.  We know what it is like for our clients and partners who operate out of company offices and shared spaces.  So we asked ourselves "what would it take to feel safe?" - part of that answer is a well-made, protective mask that complements our style and taste.  

We are proud of what we sell and aim to earn your trust with our products.

Kendra Brill and Kristen Sherman

Co-founders of New Normal PPE, LLC