The New Normal

If not now, soon you will be asking your employees (or getting asked by your employer) to return to a familiar office in an unfamiliar environment.  This environment has frequently been referred to as the “The New Normal”.  Covid-19 and how you protect your employees from this virus will be woven into your cultural fabric.  For a business to thrive, employees must feel prioritized, protected and cared for in a very visible way.  A high-quality, consistent-looking comfort mask will send a powerful message – you can uniformly protect employees and customers in a world where an infectious virus can change the definition of "normal" at any time.  The consistency and quality of the PPE you provide is an opportunity to elevate the brand of your organization as you continue to grow, sell, hire, and face future unknowns.

The Struggle is Real

We know that's true because we've worked with many organizations struggling to find the right mask.  The questions and concerns about buying consistently center on 4 key areas:





Scroll the images below to see how New Normal PPE is addressing each of these areas of uncertainty.  

Preparing for New Normal?