New Normal PPE

Safety W/O Sacrificing Style

Choose the Mask that you will actually WANT to wear

Our "New Neo" Mask Is...


Very Soft, Extra Long & Adjustable Ear Loops — adjust the fit at the top or bottom of the face separately for optimal fit and customized feel      

Soft & Slidable Ear Toggle for Adjustment


A “Mild” Stretch with coverage top to bottom & at the sides (no side gaps) 

Shaped high at the nose but low under the eyes for security (we tested our fit across sm & lg faces)


We shaped the front to allow for room in front of your nose – so you can breathe

"Jersey Soft”, Lightweight Neoprene: 80% Poly /15% Rayon / 5% Polyurethane – cooler and durable      

Aesthetically Simple

Uses Contrast Stitching for an Athletic Work to Weekend Aesthetic

Gender Neutral


3 Layers in 1 - Light & Safe

Washable / Reusable

Reversible (2 Colors!)


The material we use for our masks is a perfect canvas for company logos. Colors and contour stitching can also be customized. Give us a call to talk through your options at 1-800-496-2070 or email us at!

Consider Cost Effectiveness

The "New Neo" Comfort Mask is washable, durable, and reversible. Pricing is based on quantity ordered and customization requested. Buy in bulk and see how the price drops considerably. Give us a call to talk through your options at 1-800-496-2070 or email us at!

Support Our Local Community

Our masks are made in the United States right in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.  We stand behind our products and have been making masks since the beginning of the pandemic.  First as organizers of CoverAid PHL and now as the founders of New Normal PPE.  Our reputation centers on our ability to deliver quality.